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Now Serving: HTTPS
By rworkman on 2017-06-16

The mirrors.slackware.com site is now available via https only. Note that there is *not* any guarantee that you will be redirected to an https mirror. However, the package md5 sums and gpg signatures are (intended to be) served directly from this site, so you should have an added layer of trust that the content of those files was not modified in transit if you use https instead.

Slackware RSS Feeds
By rworkman on 2017-03-13

Check out the Slackware RSS Feeds courtesy of Vincent Batts.

Older News Entries
By rworkman

See Older News Items for stuff that probably isn't worth showing on the main page any more :-)

Thanks to TekLinks in Birmingham, AL, for providing colocation and bandwidth to this machine.